Team Structure of All3

Sunil Koirala
Executative producer
Overall campaign management, reporting, Supervision, Media Planning, Coordination and Direction in the Production
Shiva shrestha
Senior Producerpresenter
Production of the television program, review literature/research, detail program planning, management of resource persons, interaction, program presentation, defining role of resource persons.
Ananda Poudel
Program- coordinator
Overall coordination of the management in executing program operations, under the close supervision of team leader, producer.
Sanam Khwakhali Shrestha
Broadcasting & Publishing Director
Direction, co-ordination, supervision, monitoring of technical group (including studio crew with post-production team)
Mimraj Pandeya
Overall coordination field reporting and support to program producer.
Durgesh Ranjitkar
Graphics and Animation for the Audio Visual.
Padam Timilsena
Dor Bahadur Katuwal
Senior Cameraperson
10+ Years experience in television industries.
Ratnamani Dahal
Overall manage the field and studio reporting and studio shooting.
Sabrina Guruwacharya
Roshan Danuwar
Shova Khatri BC
Mahesh Karki
Publication Designer
Hari Krishna Maharjan

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